Welcome to Sound + Image

Hi all,

Welcome to sound and image. I'm glad that you're each in the class and I look forward to getting to know each of your creative niches a bit better. Between us we're a very diverse and talented group. The depth and breadth we span will open up many possibilities as well as challenges. Our collective undertaking over the next ten weeks will be to harness and coordinate our expertise and curiosity.

In this adventure, I'll do my best to facilitate a space to experiment and collaborate successfully. Past that, this is uncharted ground for me as much as you. The challenge I give myself and share with you is to find a place in this topic of sound and image where we're genuinely fascinated—maybe even passionate. It's from there that we can have a conversation, a mutual exploration, and a rewarding investment of our time.

In my best judgment, having no idea where to start may be the best place to begin. The first step is to initiate a conversation. Alright, nuff' said… be brave, try new things out, discipline yourself, do your best to have fun!

I look forward to an exciting quarter!

- Daniel

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