Assignments & Readings

Assignments Due Oct 6 2008

Audio-story (warm up)

Take a song, preferably one which you are less familiar with that still impacts you. Listen to it several times and in at least 2 environments. As you listen to it, pay attention to how it affects you. Let the music stir up pictures, emotions, and narrative in your imagination. Do this either in an environment with lots of activity (jogging, riding bus, cooking) or very little (quiet, eyes closed, etc).

Write a paragraph to a page about what you observed. How did your environment seem to change with the music? What elements stood out most? Did the reverse happen (where the environment shaped your perception of the music)? Did you piece together a contiguous story or was it fragmented images?

To upload to the Wiki:

  • MP3 file of song you selected (if possible)
  • About 200 words of text

Research Questions

This isn’t really a class. It’s a mutual exploration. What do you want to explore? It will probably change a bit during the quarter, but take a few minutes to document what you’re curious about now. Try to stretch yourself into new territory. Also, be realistic about what you can do in ten weeks.

To upload to the Wiki:

  • 3-5 one sentence questions relating to the relationship of sound and image (i.e. “How does a visual artist depict X experience that I would make Y music?” or “How would cinema be different if it never used melody in film scores?”)
  • (Optional) You can also write a paragraph explaining how your questions do or don’t tie together.

Next week (Oct 13 2008) we'll all read a chapter out of Audiovision and find at least one source of our own then post a summary

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