Class Notes

From Oct 6, 2008

What are we curious about?
- What elements of the music make the song impacting or meaningful?
- What is the relationship between sound and how you move? (e.g. a high energy song doesn’t make you want to sit still)
- Why do we want our songs to “fit” a certain environment?
- In cinema, how do visual artists and composers link sound and image in a meaningful way?
- Specifically visually, how does lighting set a mood?
- What audiovisual devices are used in cinema?
- How far can your imagination stretch to make sound and image fit?
- How can a mismatch of sound and image make you imagine something that isn’t?
- Do the make the soundtrack or the movie first?
- Why don’t we just use the real sounds???
- How do people actually make sound FX?
- What sociological dimensions are linked to these other conversations?
- What’s up with our social conditioning that makes us make sense of nonsense? (e.g. banana runts)

How do we actually do research?
- Search Youtube on sound mismatches
- Filmmaking books, magazines
- CG Society – computer graphics society. Artists presenting and talking about work
- Ted Talks – different experts present on certain topics. Maybe something relevant?
- (for getting started on basics)
- Scholarly articles (for Proquest, Lexus Nexus, etc.)
- Use topics for a sub-domain search (e.g. “art”)
- Art library on campus?
- Rough search [internet] for basics of music theory?
- Medical documents on synesthesia
- Interviews with directors/composers of film?
- Lookup stuff on how film sets record sound?
- “Foley Artist”
- (moving picture archive)

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