Daniel Nelson Warm Up

Steven Delopoulos "Do What You're Gonna Do."

Notice "burn-in" effect… when I first emotionally connect with a song, my environment links to it. sometime it's the first time I hear the song, often it's later. For this song it was the end of a long day, walking just past Johnson hall on my way to catch the 48 on 15th.

At first the mood of the song seemed to match my own (and my surroundings). Mellow, a little rainy. Found it fascinating how this interaction connected even with my physiological state… snuffly, a little achy with a cold. To me it seemed emotive based not on the immediate context, but because of the contemplation linked through the artist or hearer into the past.

To me this song doesn't have a clear progression without the content of words to carry it. I have the tone, but not only single images that could fit it… someone standing still with leaves blowing on either side, sitting at a kitchen table watching rain outside, or maybe shuffling through old photos under a yellow desklamp.

From here though, I played the song over several times to try to make meaning in the lyrics.

Some of the thoughts that followed: sense of transcendence… a clear understanding that the things the artist mentions hold a meaning in an abstract sense that run much further than any literal depiction (made clear I think by emotion carried in the voice). Visual images geographic… zooming out in scale. From individual person to the landscape they're looking at, to the weather above, to the earth spinning in space.

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