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Article Title: Spike Jonze - the Music Video Director

Jonze is One of the Most Innovative and Extremely Unique Video Directors Today.

Article Link: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/162313/spike_jonze_the_music_video_director.html?page=7&cat=40

My Notes…

Spike Jones is acclaimed director. all over the place (i knew him for advertisements actually) including feature film. this article focuses on music videos

known for use of humor. divergent styles, witty cohesion

short films linked as a playground to break norms… music videos are basically short films.

in practice, music videos are a form of advertisement or branding for an artist

visuals provide a way to appreciate an artist even if they're not your styles so much

The article then breaks down three areas where it feels Jonze is especially artfulsurrealism, narrative and interpretationthen highlights features of different music videos Jonze has directed that exemplify these techniques. Here they are.


The Pharcyde - Drop

Björk - The Triumph of a Heart

[I added this one] Adidas Commercial


P. Diddy - 'It's All About the Benjamins (Rock Remix)

Daft Punk - Da Funk

The Chemical Brothers - Elektrobank


—-> lead: "This technique is reminiscent of the way Norman McLaren uses graphic images to interpret music." Who's he and what's he about?

interpretation can be visual translation of acoustics within music, or narrative/emotional/semantic content.

FATBOY SLIM Weapon Of Choice

Björk - It's Oh So Quiet

Here are some of my thoughts spurred by the article the article:

I noticed the cross-cultural collaboration appreciation necessary for Jonze and artists to each shine. For me, I'm just feeling self-conscious watching them… what me? watching p-diddy in suzzallo espresso ;~) [good for me i think]. Throughout I felt as though the videos showed the talents of all involved shining.

I had some thoughts on the dominance of the visual. It seems like the visual simultaneously elevates and competes with music… honestly the music became subconscious sometimes. I don't equate quality of sound with how dominant it is next to the visual. Visual can be so engaging that the beauty or meaning in sound is lost. In the reverse, a putting the music in context can create a powerful bridge to make an appreciation of the audio accessible.

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