Daniel Te'o Nesheim

The song I listened to was "Keep Hope Alive" by Crystal Method. I first listened to the song while lying in bed. It was dark so and i was still so I was not interacting with my surroundings much at all. I did however catch myself lifting my head off of the pillow unintentionally for long periods of time because this song makes me think about doing physical activity ie. lifting weights, running, playing football. But more than any of those I picture myself with all my teammates playing the game we love. I seem to have to focus on relaxing my thoughts and my neck constantly due to the intense visions I experience while laying there. I than listened to the song before we played arizona. Getting ready in the small crappy locker room we got this song brings the same emotions and visions i had while sleeping but I repeatedly think to myslef can anyone else hear my music? and what do they think about it? Would they listen to this? Do they think this music sucks? Other than those thoughts i am focused on the task at hand which is putting on my equipment to get ready to play.

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