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here are some resources i've found useful for my project

great resources for accessing audiovisual content: (see moving picture archive)

mixing/editing software i've been tinkering with:

a couple leads from sol on capturing audiovisual from your computer - captures both (free demo) - captures audio (free demo)

Re: Research Leads by danieldnelsondanieldnelson, 27 Oct 2008 18:40

thanks for the inspiration. i'm still baffled by the kwoon video… do you know anything more about it?

Re: Research Leads by danieldnelsondanieldnelson, 20 Oct 2008 19:18
Re: Research Leads
jjoojjoo 17 Oct 2008 23:58
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Here are some AWESOME websites!!!

This is the one Daniel showed us when we were talking about the projects.
Very fun and the graphics are awesome!!

and this is the one that I found, which I thought it was very interesting in graphics and also the music.
Kwoon's first videoclip.
The story of a father, teaching his son the art of dreaming, to escape the cruel world he's living in.
A Yannick Puig Animation.

I hope everyone enjoy~

Re: Research Leads by jjoojjoo, 17 Oct 2008 23:58
Re: Research Leads by lilydslilyds, 09 Oct 2008 08:29

Hey Daniel…Is this where we're supposed to post our research / summary? Or in the projects section…

Re: Research Leads by lilydslilyds, 09 Oct 2008 08:27
this is an interactive article I found on the influence of sound and music on an image. I thought it was an interesting lead, and a simple example of some of the basic research questions we talked about in class Monday. Does anybody know anything else about the magazine/site, Animation World Magazine?

Re: Research Leads by liznelsonliznelson, 08 Oct 2008 05:38

Forums should be up and working now.

Welcome! by danieldnelsondanieldnelson, 02 Oct 2008 21:55

Hi all,

I realized that the Catalyst shared space doesn't automatically send an invitation to it's members. Everyone registered for the class should be able to log in with their UW NetID to post their songs and other files to share later on.

The URL for our space is:

I have the Audiovision forward posted and will add future readings as well.

Also, current Catalyst tech tutorials can be found here:

An article I found interesting is posted on CG Society (original article) (follow up article)

A couple things I'm curious to learn:

  • How are sound waves analyzed to convert into a music visualization?
  • What do music video directors have to say about what they do, why they do it, and how they do it? How do they include the musician (or not) in their process?
Research Leads by danieldnelsondanieldnelson, 30 Sep 2008 03:46
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