Heather Rq

“A painter who had lost his hands and sought to express the picture he envisaged by means of song, would still reveal more by this exchange of spheres than the empirical world reveals of the essence of things.”
-Friedrich Nietzche on Rhetoric and Language: On Truth and Lying in and Extra-Moral Sense (1873)

I had to read this portion of Nietzche for another class and thought that this particular line from his essay pertains to this class particularly well and thought I’d share it with you all.

As far as questions or directions of inquiry go:

1. How is it that certain sounds evoke emotions and how do you evoke the same emotions using color and images? (I’m going to reference the movie The Sixth Sense think about how they used the color red and music to create suspense at all the right moments.)

2. In the world of advertising what is it that makes television ads and signage compelling? How do they tie together to create a cohesive ad campaign? (I think I might want to see this rooted in how the different presidential campaigns are running ads.)

3. Within the scope of advertising, how can lighting be used to affect the way a place, issue, or object is perceived? Does music change these perceptions?

I’ll explain these mostly by pointing out that I usually express myself visually. I actually can’t talk if I can’t use my hands (I’ve tried sitting on them and I just get confused about what it is that I’m saying.) and I use color, visual aids, and sound effects when telling a story or describing anything. I’m particularly interested in lighting effects, I don’t know why but I think lighting is pretty cool. I went to see Dark Knight a second time just so I could watch the extreme lighting changes that occurred whenever there was a change from Bruce Wayne to Batman or vice-versa. Anyways, I hope this helps explain my questions a bit. Oh, and I’ve always been intrigued by advertising.

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