Jane Warm Up

Melon Man by Winter Play

Listening to this kind of jazz at Café is always fun to do. When I observe other people for a moment at the Café, it seems that the time only applies to everyone but me. People are moving fast, but at the same moment I am only having a sip of coffee and only few melodies passes by my ears. The song provides different time, rhythm in a same environment. When I am listening to this in a totally different environment, like when I run to Gasworks Park in the morning. Although many cars pass by me, it blocks that busyness from me. However it also seemed like the music was playing faster than when I was listening at the Café. I think it was because the movement that I made was faster than before. I found myself I was listening to the music more carefully when I was running than when I was at the café. This might be because the environment and the music was so balanced at the café so I was actually more drawn into looking what was actually happening around me. Therefore, the sound really relates to our movements. The movement that we make also changes our perception of listening to the music and interacting with the environment.

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