Jane S Background Research 1

Dry Research A

Digital harmony: on the complementarity of music and visual art by John Whitney

When I was researching through the relationship between the sound and the visual elements, I was drawn into a development of graphically generated sound.
The techniques consisted of creating sound, not from musical instruments, but by inscribing various kinds of graphic patterns directly onto the soundtrack of film.
It states that sound originates from a visual source (a graphic pattern) rather than an audible source. This unique type of sound production is a totally synthetic process that closely resembles the single-frame technique of animation itself.
From Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s recorded letters of the alphabet, profiles, fingerprints, and all types of signs and symbols, each of these visual forms produced a distinct and audible result.

The real significance of animated sound, relative to the future development of media, is the fact that there is a direct synergistic linkage between sound and image.

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