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At the beginning of this class, I was interested in making the clips and what kinds of software are available to create those kinds of clip. However, I was also very curious how sound and visual work together and if there were particular way, better way to convey it to the audience. During the process of researching, my major, which is Visual Communication Design (VCD) also influenced on what I wanted to do research on and what I wanted to do for my projects. Some of my research questions were how does our movements influence the sound and environment? Does harmony of sound and visual element increases our interest of the visual? In what condition does people pay more attention to the music rather than visual or vice versa. Overall, I was mostly interested in the relationship, invisible element that holds it together, between the sound and the visual.

On the first project, our group was curious about what elements make a song meaningful, and why in music videos the images need to match up with the music in order for it to make sense. An answer to that might be because as a child, the way we learn and make meaning of anything is that what we see must match to what we hear. When we found a song called ‘Run’ by the French band Air on their album ‘Walkie Talkie’. Originally the video Run by Air seems very homemade, boring and not very fitting to the music. So we made our own video. As you can tell the song is very eerie and foreign. We found clips of black and white images that can resemble the eerie feeling of the song and then we added lyrics to the video. By matching the lyrics to the speed of the music and the images. Everything now creates a good harmony between the song and video and becomes more meaningful and memorizing.

On the first project, the black and white images matches with the eerie music. The lyrics went along with the song very well. Everything just fits… On the second project, we all found different video clips, with color and different motions which are already visually interesting. We placed them together to see the effect. The texts were very random and not matching to the song, giving a little collage feeling to the video. Though we made all these changes but because the song is so eerie it almost made sense. Also as we noticed within our first project we paid attention to the music more and the second one we paid more attention to the images. I guess our mind focuses on what we don’t understand more to try and make sense of it. So this was our experiment.


I actually never thought of creating two different videos out of the same song for both of my projects. More interesting part is that how one of them makes us to pay more attention to the song than the video, and the other one makes us to pay more attention to the video than the song. As in project one when the visuals were very abstract with almost no color showing, our eyes are much more relaxing with those elements so it helps us to pay more attention on the song. In project two when the visuals were much more stronger in shapes and elements with lots of color showing, our eyes are busy to see what is going on visually. So we tend to fade away our mind from the song and focus more on the visual.

After experimenting with the relationship between the sound and the visual, I am now wondering if there are any patterns or some kind of behavior when people receive visual through their eye and making into their own language where they can understand more on, because there must be some element that makes people to draw more attention on visual or sound even though it happen in short period of time.

According to my previous research, where it states that the sound originates from a visual source (a graphic pattern) rather than an audible source. This unique type of sound production is a totally synthetic process that closely resembles the single-frame technique of animation itself. From Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s recorded letters of the alphabet, profiles, fingerprints, and all types of signs and symbols, each of these visual forms produced a distinct and audible result. The real significance of animated sound, relative to the future development of media, is the fact that there is a direct synergistic linkage between sound and image.

If there were a year long with a huge budget given, I would probably research and want to visit different country and look for some kind of music production company and interaction design firm. The reason I want to visit interaction design firm is that they do a lots of observing on human behavior within some kind of media or anything, which in various occasion. It closely relates to how human interact with any design related material.

For my new research question, I would like to ask that how simple geometric can provide rhythm and emotion to people and is there any specific element that controls that behavior. This question is going more into depth than at the beginning of the quarter.

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