Kaitlin Poppe S Wet Project I

I’ve always loved kids and loved the way their imaginations worked. I currently nanny 10-15 hours a week and spend a lot of that time coloring. I decided to see if I could influence what and how the children I baby-sit color in response to music. I’ve read a lot about how playing classical music raises the IQ of an unborn child but had not heard a lot about how music affects children at a young age. Thus I began my experiment. Gabby, who is 2 ½, loves to color and loves to dance. So I first played a children’s song that she knew and she happily scribbled color all over the paper, changing color every few seconds. Next I played some of her dad’s early rock music. She colored for a while then quickly became angry and kept asking to change the music. She began drawing short lines then looking up and asking to change the song, she was no longer in a trance of coloring and listening to her happy songs.
I was also interested in how what the children would draw if I asked them to draw emotions or sound. I asked Grace, who is 5, to draw me happiness. After 5 minutes of intense drawing, she showed me her ballerina with her family member’s names written all around it. Just prior to this we had danced to the nutcracker in her room as she told me all about Ballerinas. In her current mind she associated ballerinas and her family with happiness. After that I asked her to draw what bubbles sound like. She quickly said that’s easy and drew a fish with bubbles. I was curious as to why she chose a fish and she told me it’s because it was on the cartoon this morning (underwater Dora the Explorer).
I had such a great time doing this experiment. And though I didn’t prove any scientific evidence I really found how influenced children can be by music and images. It made me more aware of what I play or what I say in the future in front of them.

**Pictures will be brought to class

1. This project was fun for me to do. I spen a lot of my time babysitting and a lot of that time is spent coloring and listening to music. It was an interesting experience to connect the two togther.

2. The whole project was fairly comfortable for me. I had a tough time choosing the songs to use with Gabby; however, I was comfortable conducting the experiment which I think allowed me to obtain interesting results.

3. My research question changed many times before coming to a final project. My ultimate question was: How do sounds and words affect children visually? I really learned how powerful music and sounds are to children. I realized how calm they can be when familiar sounds are around yet very agitated and upset when unfamiliar sounds are around. I'm very interested now in seeing what other research has been done looking at this same question and what other results were obtained.

4. If I were to conduct this project agian I would choose the same 3 songs to play for every child I asked to draw and see if there was a common trend amongst the children.

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