Kurt Mangum Project 1

For project 1, i wanted to reference how the human perception changes when the lyrics/words are altered in major mainstream songs. Originally i discussed changing commonly heard lyrics from a song and switching them to something unfamiliar and different to survey listeners views to see whether or not they could follow/comprehend the new lyrics as well simply because they are so focused on the beat and rhythm. So for my project i decided to take a recent hit which peaked at #6 on billboards top 100 songs and as #1 on R&B/Hip Hop top 100 charts; and altered the theme and its lyrics to something that is relevant to everyone in the US today. The Presidential Election-i will plsy both songs in class today…

Original Song— Lil Wayne " A Milli"

In class i will play the altered version and survey opinions on how views have altered and how the perception has changed of the song.

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