Kurt Mangum S Portfolio

Part #1
I originally started this course with a wide variety of research questions. The first was a deeper description of how audio sound affects your visual opinion. What i mean by this is how does your mind interpret music and sounds and what message does that send to the brain/ and or what does that sound lead your mind/vision to convey. I think this class has definitely broadened my views on sound and image. I have been able to learn some great facts about how the mind recognizes what the ear hears and how that is comprehended. Through not only my projects and research but through other class members as well. Many of the descriptions and views that i have recapped and spoke about, i have also written up through-out my research questions and other written projects.

Part #2
Now that we are nearing the end of the quarter and i have really stepped back and took some time to review i found that class has caused me to really become enamored with new topics regarding sounds and images. Not only sound and images but also how many other things that tie in to sound and image based topics. I have taken the time to listen to many songs of different genres that go from rock to gospel. I listen to these songs in varying environments with different things going on around me; this realy got my mind wondering and made me even more curious about topics regarding sound and image. I am truly curious as of now, about the way music videos work and what goes into the creating of a music video. I thought about making a music video and how i could obtain this task successfully. These are my interests and ideas on what i want to learn more about and what i would like to do with what i have learned through out the quarter with sound and images.


Kurt M. Research Questions—
How does audio sound affect your visual opinon?

In cinemas what makes certain music fit certain scenes in a film?

Why has there been such a drastic improvement in film and music over the last decade?

Kurt M. Background Research

For my background research, I found that i am very interested in the plot and scenarios that come in to play when you hear and listen o different songs and types of music. I'm curious to how many artists depict their music and how listeners visualize and comprehend what they hear. Here is a music video that i think is very deep and created a vision in my mind when i heard it without watching the music video. Like i said early projects like this one really made me curious about the creating and making of a music video.


Kurt M. Project 1

For project 1, i wanted to reference how the human perception changes when the lyrics/words are altered in major mainstream songs. Originally i discussed changing commonly heard lyrics from a song and switching them to something unfamiliar and different to survey listeners views to see whether or not they could follow/comprehend the new lyrics as well simply because they are so focused on the beat and rhythm. So for my project i decided to take a recent hit which peaked at #6 on billboards top 100 songs and altered the theme and its lyrics to something that is relevant to everyone in the US today. The Presidential Election-i plaid both songs in class today…

Original Song— Lil Wayne " A Milli"

The song i played in class was

Altered Song- "Obama remix" A Milli Beat

Kurt M. Project 2

For project 2, i wrote a reflection paper that reviewed and was almost an expansion of project 1. I talked about my more in-depth research regarding the changing the lyrics of a song and how that alters the perception and view of the song from the original to the remix. I also surveyed three different groups- teens, young adults, and middle aged adults as well. I played both songs for them and wanted t.heir views and opinions of the songs. After hearing both i wrote a overall summary of the thoughts of each group and their opinions.

Overall, I think that this class has truly increased my level of knowledge on the topic of sound and image; and my development through out the quarter has been monumental.

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