Lily Warm Up

Audio Warm-up

Air: Run

Listening to this song with a small group of people as a kind of background music is nice. You only seem to notice the backbeat and humming sounds. The music creates a soothing mood that doesn’t interrupt the conversation but still seems to impact and guide the mood of the room without anyone really aware of it. At a party, though, it does tend to dampen the mood- all of a sudden things start to slow down and a little bit of awkwardness ensues. Listening to this song by myself, however, the music definitely affects my mood (especially if it’s loud). It’s soothing to listen to and the repetition creates an almost trippy feeling. It reminds me of moving in slow motion. The repetition makes almost a hypnotic rhythm, which is very relaxing. I think it helps that I can’t quite make out most of the words as it becomes easier to sink into the music without getting stuck singing along in my head. This allows me to become more focused where I can sift through random thoughts in my head or just trying to work stuff out if it’s been a stressful day. For both situations, I would say the song controls the environment more than the environment controls the song.

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