Song: The Dove’s Return

Listening to this song on my own in a quiet room was definitely the most inspiring. It has an unearthly, underwater feel, inspiring images of curving fish (mermaids?) and cool tones of swirling colors. Without the clutter of other conversation, café buzz or homework on my mind, the song became mysterious and soothing – kind of like a lullaby, but one that aspires you to greatness (if that were possible). Exploring unknown kelp forests, feeling streams of bubbles play through your hair, and maybe a sleepy ignorance of the existence of anything else.
The song had much less of a visual impact when I listened to it with other people around. Whatever beautiful escape I’d found in it on my own seemed a bit silly and cliché with other noises and personalities in the room. The tune was too subtle to break through the chaos of the other events and had little to no impact on the environment around me. I was disappointed. I think I wanted the song to change the environment so badly – I wanted the alleyway behind my apartment to be transformed into a Celtic forest, or an underwater sanctuary, but it wasn’t. Listening to the song walking around campus made me wonder why everyone looked so sad – shouldn’t we all be floating and swimming around? Where were the swirls of green and blue and purple? What’s up with all the red brick? Rather than fusing the sound of the melody and the visual of the world around me, the two clashed to form confusion and discontent.

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