Syllabus - CHID 496D - Aut 2008

Sound + Image: CHID 496 D

updated: Sep 29, 2008

Facilitator: Daniel Nelson

Advising Professor: Phillip Thurtle
Padelford B102-A

Course Description: casual, hands on, interdisciplinary exploration of interactions in auditory and visual content. Students will interact with both the collaborative relationship of sight and sound as they create content, as well as the perceptual relationship of sound and image as they examine and combine existing works.

Student expectations: be present and participate, respect each other, do some work outside of class each week. Seek to proactively tap, explore, and share your passion.

Assignments and schedule:
1. Intro & get to know each other (Sep 29)
2. Warm up exercise + research objectives due (Oct 6)
3. Dry research A due (Oct 13)
4. Begin wet research A (Oct 20)
5. Wet research A due (Oct 27) Be ready to present where you are so far in your projects.
6. Dry research B due (Nov 3) Have your first project (wet research A) completed and ready to share on Nov 3rd. Include a paragraph explaining any background research you did as part of the project.

7. Begin wet research B (Nov 10)
8. Wet research B due (Nov 17)
9. Tie up loose ends. Synthesize personal portfolio with research and projects (Nov 24)
10. Final Symposium. Portfolios due (Dec 1)
11. – No class finals week –

Note: unless otherwise stated, upload assignments onto Wiki in “Projects & Writing” in appropriate category.

Breath deep. Don’t fret. This is a 2 credit S/NS (pass fail) course. Basic criteria are: if you attend 7 of 10 classes and turn in 4 of 6 projects, you pass. Rather than thinking of this as an additional two credits of school, I like to think of it as a protected couple hours each week to do something I want to do anyway.

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