Tojo Warm Up

I’ve listened to the Explosions in the Sky song, “Your Hand in Mine” on the bus when it was raining outside. It was interesting how the music influenced the my impression of the rain and the wind blowing. Without the music, I may find myself frustrated and in a hurry to find shelter, but after getting off the bus I felt encouraged to continue through the streets. It liked tuning out the other noise around me; everything became surreal, I felt like I was in a dream. The other time that I listened to this song was right after a jog. It was interesting because I was really exhausted and panting deeply yet I almost didn’t realize this because I was tuning out my own breathing. The music sounded really victorious as if I had overcome a huge hurdle or that I had just excaped from a battle. I began closely observing the leaves on the trees, the cracks on the sidewalk and drivers in the cars that drove by me. All of these elements seem so much more vibrant and captivating when the music plays. Usually I would just be focused on how tired I was after a run and not even paying attention to the smaller things around me.

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