Trang Project 1

So for our project, we were curious about what elements make a song meaningful, and why in music videos the images need to match up with the music in order for it to make sense. An answer to that might be because as a child, the way we learn and make meaning of anything is that what we see must match to what we hear. For example a fallen glass matches with the sound of broken glass, it just psychologically make sense. Otherwise its hard for us make sense of it. So similarly we found a song called ‘Run’ by the French band Air on their album ‘Walkie Talkie’. Originally the video Run by Air seems very homemade, boring and not very fitting to the music. So we made our own video. As you can tell the song is very eerie and foreign. We found clips of black and white images that can resemble the eerie feeling of the song and then we added lyrics to the video. By matching the lyrics to the speed of the music and the images. Everything now makes sense and becomes more meaningful and memorizing.

I would describe my experience as, lost. We started the project really, really lost. no criteria, no rules. All we had to do was research and present a project on something that has to do with sound and image. I'm not use to such a broad topic and setting to work on. But we ended the project with a really cool video so i am very happy with what we did.
The comfortable part was that, I've done projects before, and the topic of sound and image is not very hard but then i realized the topic of sound and image seems very familiar but i actually don't know very much about it at all. But through all the diff speakers and what i learned, everything i needed to know i already know, i just haven't realized it yet.
Our research question was focused on how and why we must match sound and image to make meaning and i discovered that its a similar process as a child learning, we hear sounds and see images to learn what happened in events and after years of that practice it becomes an instinct and if we were to hear something that doesn't match what we see, its like a a new discovery where we become a little child learning again. The new questions that have came to me as we completed this question is how can we make the video even better? perhaps we should add color? or give it a new twist and make it completely different where everything wouldn't match.
My group and i were thinking of instead of making a video that matches the sound to the image to the lyrics, we would mix and match them, completely disorder them and see the effect. maybe after the first 10 seconds it would be come so obnoxious and irritating we couldn't stand it anymore.

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