Trang S Background Research 1

The Influence of Sound and Music on Images
by Bärbel Neubauer and William Moritz

I was interested in how different sounds and images can make different scenes in film and animation and I stumbled of this site which totally has a very interesting analysis of how sound and image correlates. The producers of the essay are Bärbel Neubauer, which is an independent filmmaker based in München, Germany and William Moritz, whom teaches film and animation history at the California Institute of the Arts. The purpose of this essay, made for Animation World Magazine was to show the many different techniques used in film and animation and how powerful the influences of sound are on image. The producers of the essay presents several animated clips of the same image, Kiss Basic Kiss, which they then mixed it with simple sounds like a certain beat or rhythm, which is then progressed into even more animation and music. They even tried mixing a romantic scene with snoring sounds to see the effect of how sound and image have to match otherwise it just doesn’t seem right. Adding colors, more animation, and actual music created not just a clip but it told a story. With just using the basic image of Kiss Basic Kiss, the producers can add so many different elements to the clip that would make it dramatically different. Such as adding different colors and music they can make the clip romantic, or techno with vivid fast action and dramatic colors. The disco clip was my favorite because of the imagery and the music. Overall I thought this site was a good way to start my research on how sounds an image can play into our everyday life.

Deaf and Blind: worth the effort Otto Fritschy (pdf form)

If you search this on google, you would find a very interesting article, that is definitely touching and worth reading.

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