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Part I

I started this course with many different research questions such as how can sounds and images effect a persons mood, or Whether the psychological state or mood of a person effect the way they hear sounds or see images but the research question that I chose to expand on is; How does mixing soft music with action scenes and fast beats with slow images effect the viewers perception?

So what I did in order to answer my research question was obviously to research. And luckily I found a website titled ‘The Influence of Sound and Music on Images’ by Bärbel Neubauer and William Moritz, that analyzed the way sound and images correlates. The producers of this site did exactly what I was interested in researching. They used one basic motion clip and then added different sounds and colors to make it into an actualy video clip that tells a story rather than just motion pictures. For example techno music with bright dramatic colors can make a retro scene or soft music and red and pink colors can make a romantic scene. The art of film making also intrigued me for, just by changing one thing like a color in the scene can change the viewers entire perception and the mood of the entire scene. The producers of this site also mixed sounds with images that didn’t go together, which I found very annoying because it didn’t make sense. But that was interesting to see how sound and images have to match in order to make meaning.

This here ties into what I actually did for my first project. For my first project I worked with two other people. We chose a song called ‘Run’ by the french group Air. Originally we found a couple videos made by random people, that we thought didn’t match the song very much. So we created our own video by finding clips and putting it together. Our final release of our project was pretty successful. The erie black and white images matches with the song. Along with that we added text that matches the lyrics very well.

While completing the first project I wondered why we must match sound to image in order to make meaning? Perhaps an answer to that is that it’s a similar learning process that we developed as a child. We make meaning by matching sounds with images, for example hearing glass break and seeing it happen. It makes sense. And if we were to hear glass break and not see it, then see that theres broken glass on the floor we can fill in the missing action and still know what happened. Similarly videos make more meaning when the sound matches with the image.

Another question that we had is if we were to mix the sounds with random images and just scramble the lyrics, what would the effect be? How would this change our perception?

So for our next project we did exactly that, we took the same song and made a remix. Each of us found a different video clip off video archives and put it together at random. I found clips of kaleidoscope art and my partners found clips of cartoons and just really random clips. We then added text at random and totally disorganized everything. We also noticed that within our first project we noticed the music more and the secound project we noticed the images more. Perhaps this is because for the first one, the images matches the music more while our secound project the images were so random we paid attention to that more trying to figure out what was going on rather than listening to the music.

I started with one research question that led me to answer several questions. My first project was created to answer why we must match sound and images, which then made me question what would happen if we were to do the exact opposite and mix everything up, so now that is what my secound project was devoted to answering. All these interest connected with each other very well and I discovered a lot of interesting facts about sound and image on my way of answering my research question.

Part II

Right now I am interested how movies are created, the process of movie productions. How do producers know exactly what song to play for the perfect scene. Or when to add music and when not to add music. If I had a huge grant, I would invest in a movie production to create a great movie that incorporates several themes, drama, action, comedy, historic to learn from the actual producers. What goes into a movie production. How long would it take And how many people would it take to create each movie? I’m not too sure what technological resources would be necessary because that’s what I’m interested in learning but I guess the typical is directors, animation and sound effect specialties would be important. The difference between what I’m interested in now and earlier this quarter is definitely the grand effect of what I am interested in now. A big project verses a psychological question. But either way what I am interested in now is similar to what we did in our project. Overall is to make a video that matches the sound and the image. Playing with the senses.

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The Influence of Sound and Music on Images
by Bärbel Neubauer and William Moritz


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